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E/ISTJ Hufflepuff
English major, Film minor
Asexual, possibly Aromantic
Captain of the HMS Everstrade


Fandoms include, but are not limited to: BBC Sherlock, Avengers, Doctor Who, Cabin Pressure, Star Trek, etc

Love talking, so feel free to message me at anytime about anything!

This blog runs largely on queue.


Ficlets and Gif Sets
Wife One and Wife Two
Also Our House Cat
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anotherboywholived replied to your post: anotherboywholived replied to your post:…

I’ve no idea either. But now I have to do it. Once I figure it out I’ll make a second pack for you.

My god, you are perfect

If you do actually do this, I totally, TOTALLY owe you

I owe you the world


  1. anotherboywholived said: See now I’m definitely doing it. About to enter exam season so I may not get round to it til summer but I PROMISE YOU THIS WILL HAPPEN. Anyway, if you gave me the world I’d push it back towards you. You deserve it.
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